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  • Oct 06


  • Ahmadabad to Ahmadabad

  • ₹ 1600
  • Polo Forest to Polo Forest

  • ₹ 1200

The “Polo Forest” is Weekend Getaway for Family / Childrens / Youngsters and also for Adventure Lovers. It was built around the Harnav River an ancient water body spoken of in the Puranas. It is believed to have been established in the 10th century and was then conquered in the 15th century. The name is derived from Polo / the Marwari word for "gate" signifying its status as a gateway between Gujarat and Rajasthan. It is an ancient city a gateway to Rajasthan.

These many places are in the list of our visiting places! And that's why this package becomes unique among all!

  1. Idar Fort
  2. Harnav River
  3. Jain Temple
  4. Vanaj Dam
  5. Shiv Temple
  6. Sarneshwar Temple

The day wise schedule of this camping & exploration is as under... 

  1. Arrival In Polo Forest / Sideshine In Polo Forest / Activities.
  2. Trekking / Visit Idar Fort and Back to Ahmedabad.""
The schedule can be changed/modified as per the weather conditions or unforeseen conditions...

The main activities of this camping & exploration are as under:

  • Trekking
  • Rappelling
  • Rock-climbing
  • Chimney Crossing
  • Game

One can register for this unique camp by applying online and paying the fees at junoontrekking.

Otherwise, If you Registration is done by offline you come visit office below address.

For more information regarding the registration and all other queries, kindly call on 8238545571 or visit office.

Office Address:

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